Your Electrical Emergency, Our Immediate Response

Our top priority is ensuring your electrical emergency is handled safely and swiftly. Unlike other electricians, Spanos Electricool provides fixed, upfront pricing, meaning regardless of how long a job may take, you’ll only pay a fixed price. Minimise downtime and potential damages to your system by calling now. Our electricians will work diligently to resolve your electrical issues promptly, to ensure you receive the best value for your money.

Emergency Electrician Brisbane

We’re On Call 24/7 Get Help Instantly!

Emergency Repairs

An electrical emergency can be stressful and disruptive. Don’t jeopardise your safety; get our expert electrician team to inspect and repair your system when you need it. We’re committed to providing exceptional services across the board, so enjoy life knowing that a prompt and reliable solution is just a phone call away.

Generator Installation

If you rely on medical equipment or just want to maintain comfort in stressful times, installing a generator will save you from being inconvenienced. Don’t be stuck waiting for a solution in natural disasters where services are limited. Feel comforted knowing in a power outage you can still carry on and have all your essentials.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Having the same breaker constantly tripping? Don’t be inconvenienced by an out-dated electrical panel, have one of our licensed electricians assess, troubleshoot and upgrade your panel when convenient for you. Don’t risk potential damages or injuries; let us quickly and seamlessly upgrade yours today.


Leaking from your air conditioning or rattling noises while it’s on can be a bigger problem than you think. From old systems to faulty or damaged air cons, we’ll be able to help you when you need. Don’t overheat. Get our team to diagnose and repair your split system air conditioning today.

Emergency Troubleshooting

From electrical surges to overloaded circuits, it’s hard to know what or where the problem is. Spanos Electricool can quickly and safely, identify and troubleshoot the problem to get you back on track. Rest easy knowing your home and family is safe from electrical issues.

Power Restoration

After power outages, you could wait hours to get your electricity back. Keep you and your family going by calling one of our experienced electricians to restore, inspect and troubleshoot your system. With our round-the-clock electrical services, we can get your system back up and running in no time.