Electrical Services and Solutions for all Household and Business Owners

Your Electrical problems are a priority to you whether it seems small or a major concern, whether it’s a power outage, a ceiling fan, a light not working or a power point sparking, whatever is happening is your priority and your priority is our priority. The team at Spanos ElectriCool appreciate and respect your priority. If you need an electrician urgently then we respect your emergency, that is our priority. If your job doesn’t need to be done today, that’s fine too, our experienced and friendly office staff will schedule your job when it works for you, be it today, tomorrow, next week, 6 months’ time or next year, because what works for you works for us. Whenever you need us, you are our priority!

From any electrical installation and replacements to urgent repairs to ongoing maintenance, Spanos ElectriCool provide you with prompt, reliable and highly organised electrical services for all homeowners, business owners, investment owners and facility managers in Brisbane South and all surrounding areas. Whether it be a light out or a faulty power point, an exhaust fan or chiller/oven not operating efficiently, we will solve your problem. All works are completed with a high degree of respect to your personal and/or professional spaces  allowing your home and business to continue operations with minimal to no interruptions.

We understand that everyone has a budget and your budget, is important to us.  Our team of experienced and professional Electricians will provide you with suitable repair or replace options to suit the task at hand as well as payment options that suit your needs.  Our team of electricians will also provide you with an upfront set price prior to commencing your requested electrical works so there are no surprises at the end. Whether you need us now, later, or on a regular basis as part of a regular maintenance plan, call our office now on (07) 3349 3134.

Throw a “SPANOS” in your works TODAY! We listen, understand your requirements, and suggest a range of solutions to suit you. As a locally owned and operated business, the most important thing to us is that you are happy with the work. Our fleet is stocked each day from our South Brisbane premises and our highly skilled team are ready for scheduling so call us now on (07) 3349 3134.

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