What hot water repair options do we provide across Brisbane?

At Spanos ElectriCool – Electrical & Air Conditioning, we understand that having a broken hot water system is both disruptive and frustrating, which is why we offer industry leading repair options for electric hot water systems across Brisbane. We can repair systems of varying sizes and brands, our technicians vehicles are well stocked with spare parts to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We offer same day and after hours call our as getting your hot water system up and running is high priority for both our team and our customers.

How do you know if you need us to repair your hot water system?

There are a range of signs to look out for which can indicate that your electric hot water system is in need of repairs:

  • Your hot water isn’t hot enough.
  • Your hot water is too hot.
  • Your hot water system is leaking.
  • Your hot water system is making noise.
  • Your hot water is rusty.

If your hot water system is showing any of the above signs, or something different and you are still unsure, give Spanos ElectriCool a call now on (07) 3349 3134 and we can determine if an Electrician is required or weather you need a Plumber.

Same day service Brisbane hot water system repairs

We know how hard it is to survive without hot water, which is Spanos ElectriCool offer a same day service to prevent you going through the night with no hot water. Spanos ElectriCool can repair most leading brands of electric hot water system, as well as having a broad range of spare parts to suit common hot water systems. Call us today!

Electric water heater repairs across Brisbane

With over 50% of Australians using an electric hot water system, we know the importance of ensuring your system is working at peak performance in every home. We supply and repair most leading brands of electric hot water systems – if your system is in need of a new element, thermostat, circuit protection, and so much more – we stock it all.

Your local Brisbane hot water repair specialists

For any hot water repair enquiries, call a Spanos ElectriCool now on (07) 3349 3134 or complete our quick online service request form for your Brisbane Electrician.





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