Troubleshooting Tips if Power Trips the Switchboard
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What To Do If Your Power Trips The Switchboard

If you’ve ever experienced the safety switch tripping the switchboard, it is always alarming and many home owners panic as they are unsure why the power has one out and how can they restore it.
This guide will help keep you calm so you can reset the power and identify why it happened and how to reset the power.
If the steps don’t work then it is time to all in an electrician like the Spanos ElectriCool team.

Identifying the Cause of the Power Outage

If your power goes out. Firstly you need to work out if it is a power outage for your area or has it only happened to your home.

At times it is easy to know what the problem is – For example you turn on the toaster or a kettle and the immediately power goes out. It is probably something to do with either the appliance you have turned on or the power point. (When this happens always unplug the appliance)

If you are not sure why the power has gone out.
Try turning the lights on in a completely different area of the home or see if the fridge is still working.

If there is no power in the home check outside – do any surrounding homes in your street have lights on? (Of course this is easy to do at night time.)

If you think it is just your home affected then it is time to check the switch board and reset the safety switch and work out why it has tripped.

Resetting the Safety Switch or RCD

If the safety switch or RCD has tripped, resetting it is an easy task.
You need to find your homes switchboard. The switchboard can be in different areas on each home.
It us usually on the outside of a house and enclosed in a metal box.
When you open the switchboard, if there is any smell or signs of burning or melted plastic – Do not touch anything. Call an electrician. This is a rare occurrence but can sometimes happen.

Finding the safety switch is easy when you know what you are looking for.
Each switchboard is slightly different. It will be a switch in a downwards position and it will also have a small button marked “test” either next to it or above it.

Flip The Switch

Flip the switch upwards
The switch will stay in position if everything is ok. If there is a problem with the power, the switch will flip back off immediately. This is when you will have to go an do some detective work as to what is causing the issue.
As we mentioned before – sometimes the reason it is obvious – You turn an appliance on and immediately you lose power.
Other times it is not always easy to know and you will have to unplug every appliance from the wall and then one by one plug the appliances back in to see which appliance is causing the problem. This includes the fridge, washing machine, lamps, TVs, kettles, air conditioners.

You can follow the steps that we leave on all the switchboards that we install or repair.
See the handy chart below. If you would like one of these for your switchboard – get in touch with the team.

If the power keeps tripping and you cannot find the appliance that is causing it to trip, then it is time to contact Spanos ElectriCool.
We will go through with you the steps you took to help you find the problem. If it cannot be solved over the phone – Then an electrician is required.

Preventing Future Switchboard Tripping

Avoid the hassle of switchboard tripping and get the help of Spanos ElectriCool’s experienced electricians. Our team of experts can provide you with the professional help and advice you need to ensure that you don’t experience a repeated switchboard issues.

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From comprehensive switchboard upgrades to preventative maintenance, we can provide you with the services you need to keep your home safe and your power running smoothly.
By taking the time to identify any issues before they become a major problem, you can help ensure that your home and family are always safe and sound.

Seeking An Electrician For Expert Help?

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